Welcome to Chrisdof Primary School

The Primary School is an ever evolving and improving force at CIS. The quality of teaching and learning that takes place is designed to position our students competently and confidently for the 21st century. Technology permeates many aspects of our work with interactive whiteboards in all teaching areas and IT as an integral part of subject teaching. Our mandate of excellence in all areas compels us to continue to seek ways to improve our existing practices.

The Primary School prides itself in the diversity of its students as well as its teaching body.  Under the umbrella of our School motto ‘Academic and Curriculum Excellence’ students are taught to respect and take pride in diversity.

Our caring and nurturing environment ensures that all our primary school students have the best possible opportunities  to develop not only academically but socially and emotionally.

Our Special Needs Department headed by a Special Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is also  an integral part of the Junior School. Aimed at identifying and supporting students both in- class and in one-to-one teaching spaces in order to access the curriculum. Our Co-curricular programme is booming with a range of meaningful activities to choose from. Our students are engaged and exposed  to a variety of skills that many continue to develop beyond their time in the Junior School.

The Primary School is a place of wonder, caring  and learning. Come and partner with us. You are welcome.

‍Academic Programme and Curriculum

Chrisdof Primary School caters to students from year 3 to year 6 (7 to 11 year olds). While the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science follow the UK Cambridge curriculum; other subjects  such as Creative Arts, Religious and Moral Education, French and Ghanaian Language follow the National Curriculum with complimentary infusions and components  from Ghana, our host nation.

Students are taught Mathematics, English, Science, Creative Arts, Citizenship Education, Religious and Moral Education, Information Communication Technology, French and Ghanaian Language.

The Online Scholastic Reading Scheme has started and encompasses all students who are  able to read at their own pace progressing through a variety of diverse texts.  The scheme  also levels the students and set targets for progression.

The Junior School aims to expose our students to the ‘reality outside the classroom’ . We do this by incorporating  field trips and visiting speakers who are experts in their field into the curricular plans.