Welcome to the Chrisdof Infant School

We hope you will use these pages to find out a little about the Infant School. You will find many photographs of the lively, stimulating learning experiences that are part and parcel of Chrisdof Infant School life. If at all possible, however, we would love you to come along and visit us, to see us in action and get a feel for what our School is like!

The Infant School caters to children aged between 3 and 5 years and currently comprises the following:

  • two pre-school classes and
  • two Nursery classes

There are approximately 50 students of, taught by over 5 teachers and newly qualified graduate teachers who serve as Teaching Assistants in each class and, in the Foundation Stage, Nannies as well.

In addition to enticingly decorated classrooms, children have access to a Primary School Library, a Music department, a French room and an ICT lab. Sports fields, a basketball court, soon-to-be renovated nursery garden, two assembly halls, a state-of-art cafeteria and three small play areas complete the facilities available.


The Infant School is dedicated to developing the whole child and especially to encouraging a spirit of joy, awe, wonder and enthusiasm for learning. We aim to inculcate a positive, “I-can-do-it”, persevering attitude and, in keeping with the School’s motto, “To Rest is To Rust”, to develop cooperation and sensitivity towards and acceptance of others. Pupils’ identities as global citizens of the 21st century are actively nurtured and developed.

Our philosophy can be summed in the following statement:

Our School is a happy place where we play, work and learn through “understanding of each other”.

  • We explore new things everyday.
  • We achieve success by learning in different ways.
  • We share ideas and help each other.
  • We are not afraid of mistakes, instead we learn from them.
  • We are truthful to our School and ourselves.
  • We say good things about others especially when they are not there.
  • We look, listen, learn and laugh together!

We love to perform and like nothing better than to put on a good show for everyone, ourselves especially! Whether it is weekly assemblies or an Art Club Special Exhibition, we revel in the joy of living! We live fully in the present moment and in the words of one of our Year 2 pupils, “Everything we do is beautiful!”

We look forward to welcoming you to our nurturing, vibrant, culturally diverse community!

Best wishes

‍Academic Programme and Curriculum

The Infant School follows the revised Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (Nursery and Reception) and Key Stage 1 of the English National Curriculum (classes 1 and 2), modified to take into account the local setting. Reference is also made to the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum  for Stages 1 to 3 in English, Mathematics, Science, English as a Second Language and Information Communication Technology. The curriculum is designed to enhance the development of academic, social, emotional, creative and physical skills. Children are encouraged to pursue excellence, whilst being challenged at their own level of development.