Chrisdof International School Parent-Teacher Association was formed and officially inaugurated to support the efforts of the Board of Directors (BoD) by assisting in whatever way possible to enhance teaching and learning in the College.


The Association’s aims and objectives are as follows:

>  To create and foster understanding and co-operation between Parents and Teachers in the education and welfare of students of Chrisdof International School.

> To advise and co-operate with the board of directors of the Chrisdof International School's Past Student’s Union on any matters, which in the opinion of the Association should require the joint attention of the Association, the BoD and the Past Students Union.

> To encourage collaboration with other societies, bodies or organizations having objectives similar to those of the Association.

> To stimulate interest and pride in the school

> To provide any necessary assistance to the school, either in response to any request from the Headmaster or at the Association’s own initiative.


The Executive Committee, headed by the Chairman, formulates the board directives for the Association. However, except for emergency situations, the final decisions on all issues have to be endorsed by the general house at any general meeting.


The general house meets once every term. The dates for the meetings are fixed by the executive committee, taking into consideration the school's calendar. The executive committee, however, meets as and when the need arises.

Current Chairman
Mr. Foster Bampoe