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Chrisdof International School was established on the 9th February, 1994; starting with 8 pupils at the Lowcost Estate in Ashaiman by Madam Christiana Awusi Amedofu.

The staff at that time comprised of one teacher, an attendant and the proprietress herself. Over a period of eighteen years, the school has developed in infrastructure; the number of students had also increased marvelously.

The school is currently located behind the proposed Ashaiman Stadium. Currently with 32 teachers, the school is running the Pre-School, Primary and J.H.S departments. In 2006, the school presented thirteen(13) candidates for its maiden Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) and all thirteen passed excellently. Subsequent years BECE results of the school have been very good and most past students are studying in various universities across the globe whilst others have become responsible and nation builders of our motherland, Ghana.


The objectives of the school, which are also good reasons why your ward should be enrolled here are:

  1. To raise great and responsible people who will be beneficial to nation building and the society at large
  2. To inculcate good moral values in children to shape up their future
  3. To make quality education affordable to all children of school going age

With a well equipped computer laboratory, adequate science equipment, Chrisdof International School is the right place where your ward can be given the most effective tuition.


Our mission is to lay a solid moral and academic foundation for the child to become competitive in the global market through high profile universal education.


CIS aspire to become the preferred par excellence private basic educational institution in the Greater-Accra Region.

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We aim to create a happy, secure and caring environment where all stakeholders: Pupils, Staff, Parents/Carers and the Wider School Community are Valued, Motivated and Encouraged to Be All They Can Be……This is the ideal. Dignity for each individual is at the heart of our ethos.

We are an “Open School” where Parents & Carers feel able to come in to school to discuss concerns, express their views and share in their child’s learning.

To achieve our full potential we aim for excellence in the following:
Successful Learners

Developing successful learners through:

  • Stimulating, balanced, progressive learning experiences
  • Encouraging creative thinking enabling independent learning

Confident Individuals

Developing confident individuals through:

  • A positive learning climate
  • An inclusive ethos that values the individual
  • An environment that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

Responsible Citizens

Developing responsible citizens through:

  • Active partnership with home, school and community
  • Providing opportunities to participate in informed decision-making

Effective Contributors

Developing effective contributors through:

  • Providing choice, challenge and reflection in learning experiences
  • Providing opportunities for team work and leadership for all
  • Encouraging resilience and enterprising attitudes

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Hardwork
  • Patriotism
  • Gender Sensitive
  • Self-Reliance

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